A Lifesaver on the Road: How an equipment repair program saved from an Engine Failure Disaster

Meet Jack, an independent truck owner-operator who has been in the trucking industry for over 15 years. Jack’s story demonstrates the importance of having a comprehensive equipment repair program for your commercial trucking businesses. Jack’s trucking equipment repair program saved his business from financial ruin when he faced an unexpected engine failure.

Jack was on a long haul from Chicago to Los Angeles, transporting a shipment of electronics. With only 300 miles left to his destination, he noticed the temperature gauge on his dashboard suddenly rising. Within minutes, the engine began to overheat, and he had no choice but to pull over.

After calling a tow truck and getting his vehicle to the nearest repair shop, Jack discovered that his engine had suffered a catastrophic failure. The mechanic informed him that the engine needed a complete rebuild, which would cost upwards of $20,000.

As an independent owner-operator, Jack didn’t have a large cash reserve to cover such a massive repair expense. He was already struggling to manage the rising costs of fuel and insurance, and this unexpected repair threatened to put him out of business.

Fortunately, Jack had wisely invested in a comprehensive equipment repair program for his truck. The ERP covered the cost of the engine rebuild, including labor and replacement parts, after a deductible of just $150. With the provider’s quick response and efficient claims process, Jack was able to get back on the road within a week, and his business continued to operate without incurring a significant financial loss.

Jack’s story is a testament to the importance of having an equipment repair program for independent owner-operators. By investing in an equipment repair program, Jack not only saved his business from potential collapse but also enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with knowing his financial risks were mitigated.

For independent truck owner-operators like Jack, a comprehensive equipment repair program like Total360™ is a crucial risk-mitigation tool. With the high cost of repairs and the unpredictable nature of trucking, investing in a Total360™ program can save your business from unexpected expenses and keep you on the road to success. Learn more about our equipment repair plans and find the right coverage for your trucking business today.

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