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Repair Facility Benefits

TOTAL360 Repair Programs are built to provide you with value-added resources and additional revenue streams. As a service center partner, you benefit from:

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Coming together, we can expand your network, create new business opportunities, and offer you another stream of profit.

Streamlined Process

We have created numerous useful tools to ensure repair facilities know all important information. We prioritize keeping the process simple and effortless.

Personalized Onboarding

TOTAL360™ is proud to offer an onboarding process from the Service Center Development team. Our team is composed of trained individuals who educate and help mechanics follow our claims process.

Referral Opporunities

TOTAL360™ offers a referral program. When you refer your customers to purchase our protection, it provides revenue opportunities for you and peace of mind for them!

Direct Contact

We strive to provide the best stream of communication to our partners and customers. Our multilingual call center representatives can provide all necessary critical information during the claim process to ensure you have the tools to succeed.

Are you a repair facility independent from a dealership? Find out how you can become a referral partner for TOTAL360, Repair by contacting our Service Center Development team at: [email protected] or 1-800-903-7489.

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