Supply Chain Woes

The effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine are being felt throughout the world, especially within the trucking and transportation industry. Despite support for Ukraine, many are wondering how this conflict will affect, not only the nation but the world. The inflating prices of goods and fuel cause many resulting issues to arise within the industry. The issues range from outrageous prices of fuel to insufficient pay for truckers and transportation workers. What are the causes, locally and universally about these issues, and what can we do about them?

Since both Russia and Ukraine play major roles in the international supply chain of many goods, such as metals, food, and oil, the conflict between them is likely to expand the already increasing rates of inflation.  The inflation of goods and services is expected to weaken those within the industry through their wages. Despite pay increases within the transportation community, it often does not offset the increasing price of goods due to inflation. Many within the industry are paid a set amount per mile traveled, and inflating prices of fuel, may result in these truckers making little to no profit.

 “The skyrocketing cost of fuel is of increasing concern for those within heavy-duty trucking and transportation. Fuel is the lifeline of this industry, allowing the truckers and their much-needed supplies to get from one destination to the next,” says Lindsey Grammel, TrüNorth Global’s Vice President of Business Development. “With the difficulties faced by the trucking industry and their workers, we will soon be seeing an increase in the price of goods through a fuel surcharge. Fuel surcharge causes an influx in prices of your everyday items on the shelf due to an increasing charge for trucking companies to transport those goods.”

In Ukraine, the importance of the trucking and transportation industry is felt every day. The amazing individuals who are part of this industry in Ukraine are vital in placing the country in the best possible position to combat Russia. Anastasiia Prychyna, a Ukrainian woman who assists in running one of the largest logistics and transportation corporations in the country, has no doubt that this industry and its workers are making a substantial effect on the outcome of the war. She says, “I really want everyone in the world to know, transportation drivers who transport goods and services are heroes just like the military and the paramedics.”

Trucking and the transportation industry are the backbone of society, so it is important to stay aware of developments in the prices of goods and fuel. In addition, it is more important than ever to advocate for the increase of domestic oil production, which would alleviate many of the struggles placed on the trucking industry, but also society at large. Through advocating for change that could benefit those within the industry, and simply showing our appreciation for all that they do, we can support the dedicated and invaluable members of this amazing community.

This idea, that trucking and transportation workers are heroes, is not new. Here at TrüNorth Global, we know the strength and passion that our clients hold, driving us to serve and support them to make life just a little easier!

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