Celebrating Women’s History Month

What better way to celebrate the start of Women’s History Month than to recognize the amazing strides that women have made within the transportation industry. Though women make up 50% of the United States workforce, they only make up 15% of the transportation industry. Women are necessary for this industry, they bring differing perspectives and diversity of thought. Diverse gender roles and positions are growing every day within trucking and transportation, meaning more opportunities for women to grow in and with business. So, how can we change these statistics? What can we do to lift up women in the transportation workforce?

At this time, we continue to see a shortage of drivers, and of those that we do have, women only make up about 10%. Though this is more than a 3% increase from 2019, there are so many ways that women can get more involved in the industry. First and foremost, it is time to change the perception of the trucking industry! For so long this industry was seen as though it is reserved for men only, but this is not true! This profession is one that is very goal-oriented and requires community- which is often not emphasized enough to the public. By explaining this communal nature and diversifying the industry’s perception, studies have shown that women would be more drawn to trucking.

Here at TrüNorth Global, 90% of the makeup of our team are women. We have many leaders and amazing role models for women within the industry, including Lindsey Grammel, our Vice President of Global Brand Development. She has been a board member of TrüNorth Global since 2016 and is an integral part of the growth and development of the company. She worked her way up from the bottom, doing everything from data entry, call center/customer service duties, and creating and packing up marketing flyers. Not only has Lindsey accomplished so much within her division by becoming Vice President of Brand Development, but she was also named as one of the Top Women to Watch by the Women In Trucking Association in 2021.

So, why should women get involved in the transportation industry? We asked Lindsey, and here is what she had to say:

“I think women bring a distinct perspective to anything they do so why not bring a fresh perspective to transportation. Women have unique skill sets that can add value to any working environment, especially trucking, through their organization, energy, and passion. Having a gender-diverse work environment brings creative solutions to problems that have often been pushed aside. Truck drivers, for instance, what do you think of when you think of a person driving a truck? Probably a burly man – ice road trucker style. But that’s not the reality – women can drive trucks too and they do! Women have shifted the industry by hopping in the cab and taking the steering wheel by storm. Having more women in the trucking industry helps to inform the younger generations of women that there are more options out there than you think.”

Here at TrüNorth, we want to encourage and thank all the women in the industry for all that they do to make it so great. Happy Women’s History Month!

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