Truckers Rally Together

In the aftermath of the Canadian Truckers Protest, which opposed the current COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, the public is better able to evaluate and appreciate the immense pressures and frustrations placed on those within the industry. Though there are drastically different views and opinions, there is one thing that can not be refuted- those within the trucking and transportation industry are the backbone of our society. Furthermore, after this demonstration, which lasted almost a month, it’s easy to see that the frustration built up within trucking was not simply surrounding COVID-19.

Truckers face a great deal of stressors daily, especially in recent months. Long hours, being away from home and expensive training are hardships that are willingly taken on by the dedicated workers within this industry. These aspects of the job were only exacerbated by the new COVID-19 mandates put into place that went against the values and opinions of some truckers and industry workers. This provoked many workers within the Canadian trucking industry, resulting in the month-long rally in the country’s capital. As this rally has come to an end, though it did not immediately create any change in the areas that were being advocated, much attention has been drawn to the transportation industry.

Now more than ever, with labor shortages and low wages, truckers deserve a great deal of praise for the hard work that they do. Here TrüNorth Global, we understand and appreciate all the dedication that our truckers have for their profession. As the leader in our industry, we recognize the hard work and pressure that our customers are under every day, so we strive to make life a little bit easier for you! We are proud to provide the leading customer service and asset protection to keep you and your business moving forward. 

Whether you purchase or own a new or used truck or equipment, a comprehensive aftermarket warranty can make good business sense by reducing your out of pocket-costs for expensive repairs, extending the lifecycle of your equipment, and enabling you to invest business capital where you need it most as you grow your business.

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