TrüIRON Incorporates Terminal Tractor Coverage

You probably know what a terminal tractor can be or as we like to call them yard goat and didn’t even realize it. You haven’t seen them on the road, they are in airports and warehouses to move equipment, packages, bags, etc from place to place. A terminal tractor provides efficiency at a lower cost, what company doesn’t want that?

What does a terminal tractor look like? They have a single-person cab, a full-height sliding rear door, and a very short wheelbase. They can be powered with diesel, alternative fuel types, or an electric motor.  Some industries that utilize terminal tractors include:

  • Airports
  • Distribution Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Receiving facilities
  • Intermodal depots
  • Industrial Factories
  • Ports

Terminal tractor sales are increasing to serve new markets

The use of terminal tractors is increasing to serve a variety of industries and markets. Most would assume they are only used at airports, but this is not the case. Covid-19 not only affected day-to-day life, but it has left an enormous impact on businesses and the way they serve their customers. During these tough times, people used the internet to buy food, appliances, furniture, clothes, and more. With an increase in E-Commerce, warehouses have had their fair share of work handed to them. They have had to keep up with the supply, making terminal tractors very important to their operation. 

Why warranty one?

Terminal Tractors, like every other heavy-duty equipment, are expensive to buy and maintain. A warranty offers the owner peace of mind. When you are already paying to obtain the equipment you do not want to be stuck with the hefty repair costs. 

 TrüIRON™ Program

TrüIRON has crafted a program to fit the needs of the market. It offers the most comprehensive coverage with the highest limits and the lowest cost. We offer all-inclusive or customizable plans that incorporate:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Differential(s)
  • Turbo
  • Aftertreatment


Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are eligible for all programs we offer. With purchase, the program seamlessly picks up from the day the OEM factory warranty expires. Knowing that these protection programs can be costly upfront, we have TrüFlex deferred payment available. This allows you to break up the payments over 6 months. If your vehicle is sold or traded, your warranty will transfer. Easy access to repair facilities and maintenance is imperative to the health of your equipment, for this reason, we allow you to go to any service center that is qualified and open to the public. 

Terminal tractors are such an important piece of the industry operations puzzle. With their increase in use and increase in importance, TrüIRON is proud to find coverage for this market. We are always trying to be innovative and find new ways to best serve our customers. 

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